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Your Community Pool During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has essentially put a damper on the usual summer activities like concerts, travel, and large-scale summer camps. However, one of the biggest stables of summertime is still a-go, albeit with some restrictions.

According to the CDC, swimming pools are a general safe space for those who want to cool off with the reduced risk of contracting COVID-19. Here’s some more information about pool safety this specific summer and how Goodwin & Company can help keep your common areas safe.

CDC Says: Virus Shouldn’t Spread Through Pools

According to official information from the CDC, there is no evidence that the virus can spread through water. This means that with correct maintenance practices in place, your swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and kid play areas are generally safe spaces against the virus.

Chlorine Could Actively Kill the Virus

So, even with social distancing measures still in place, how is it that water features in a community setting are deemed safe? According to the CDC, the disinfectants that are regularly used to clean and maintain pool areas are enough to kill the active virus in the water.

So, when shopping around for vendors in preparation for your community pool’s reopening, make sure your maintenance crew cleans up with chlorine and bromine.

However, it is still encouraged that when possible, during swimming outings, that groups remain small, and within six feet apart throughout the duration of their swim.

Continue to Maintain Social Distancing Outside of the Pool

As the new normal is these days, maintaining proper social distance is still essential outside of the localized swimming area. This means if you have community members that love to grill at the poolside, now is the time to let them know that even though the pool is open, state regulations and recommendations for public safety are still in effect.

From active social distancing to proper hygiene, these practices can still guarantee us a summer of fun in the sun.

Ensure Your Swimming Pool Area is Properly Cleaned and Disinfected

Keep in mind that on the way to the swimming pool, several surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and patio furniture are touched. It’s now known that Coronavirus can last for days on several surfaces. So, even though the pool may be safe, without effective maintenance, your general pool area is still a threat.

Fortunately, there are practices in place to mitigate these sanitation issues. As your property management team, we will help your community follow state guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting community centers. After all, your swimming pool won’t be the only place in the community where people may decide to meet up as social restrictions begin to loosen.

Start Your Summer Off Right With Goodwin & Company

At Goodwin & Company, we enjoy seeing communities take advantage of the amenities that a neighborhood has to offer. Let us help you get your summer off to a successful start with our extensive vendor contacts and knowledge about effective community upkeep. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer to communities like yours.

Biggest Benefits of Association Management Going into the Summer

Summer is right around the corner and your association management team should be busy finalizing all of the seasonal needs that will keep your neighborhood summer-ready. A lot goes into making the perfect summer, and your community management team can help ease the burden on your HOA Board.

If your association is currently preparing for summer on its own, here are some of the biggest benefits of having a management team on your side.

Enjoy Your Summer While We Handle the Finances

One of the biggest challenges of being an HOA board member is juggling the budget while planning for large projects for the remainder of the year, and how much is available for fun summer events like an annual block party.

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the summer, and carrying out a mass amount of calculations isn’t the ideal situation.

Not every Board Member is a financial professional, and as an association management team, we understand! That’s why when you work with a group like us, all you should have to worry about are the final numbers and let our financial experts do the number crunching for you.

Community Amenities Are Well-Kept

Shared community centers like recreational buildings, swimming pools, parks, and more all need to be prepped before the summer fun rush starts. While your Board may take pride in its handiness, most of the responsibilities that come with community upkeep should be left to professional vendors.

With a management team helping behind the scenes, acquiring the right vendors to complete your summer maintenance tasks is a piece of cake. Our team alone has access to vendors that can help your community with:

  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Pathways
  • Paving
  • Parking lot striping, and more!

You want your community to have the summer of a lifetime, so make sure you have the right vendors to make the dream a reality.

We Help the Word Get Out On Your Community Regulations

Summer comes but once a year, and that may mean seasonal regulations may come into play. As your association management team, we can help you coordinate a plan of action to ensure that the message comes across to your community loud and clear.

Through community meetings, social media announcements, and mailed or e-mailed notices, we can help you come together to let your community know the latest on:

  • Where and when to grill outside
  • Pool safety
  • Pet safety during high temperatures
  • Recommended safety gear and appropriate paths for bikes and scooters

Keep Your Community Summer-Ready with Goodwin & Company

As your association management team, Goodwin & Company is always here to work for you year-round. Our management group has the experience your community needs to successfully manage your budget, start new projects, assist with membership collections, and more! We are ready to help your neighborhood start the road to becoming the home it deserves to be. Contact us today to learn more about our services.