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Reliable Homeowners Association Management

Homeowners associations (HOAs) have the important responsibility of keeping their communities organized, properly maintained, and financially stable. This can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for volunteer HOA board members who have full-time jobs and busy lives outside of their board duties. That’s why many HOAs turn to professional community management companies like Goodwin & Company for assistance.

With offices in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado, Goodwin & Company has extensive experience providing HOA management services to communities across these two states. We understand the unique needs of HOAs and can provide customized solutions to help your association operate efficiently and effectively. 

When your HOA needs help with management, trust the experts at Goodwin & Company to save the day.

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Our HOA Management Services

As an HOA board member, you serve as the face of your association. Let us handle the behind-the-scenes work while you and your fellow board members make the most of your relationships with owners, vendors, and other community members.

Meeting Faciliatation

HOA board meetings are the cornerstone of decision-making and governance for your association. Goodwin & Company provides professional meeting facilitation services to ensure your board meetings are organized, efficient, and productive. 

Our knowledgeable community managers will work with your board to develop agendas, distribute information in advance, take detailed meeting minutes, and keep the discussion focused. With our meeting facilitation services, your board can focus its time on making important decisions rather than getting bogged down in meeting procedures.

Legal Compliance Assistance

To protect your HOA and board members, ensuring your association operates in full compliance with applicable laws and governing documents is crucial. Goodwin & Company has highly experienced community managers who understand the legal requirements and best practices for HOAs in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado. 

We keep a close eye on changes to federal, state, and local laws that may impact your community. Our team will proactively advise your board on legal compliance issues such as adopting new policies, enforcing rules, holding elections, responding to homeowner requests, and more. 

Monthly Financial Reporting

Each month, your HOA board needs accurate, up-to-date financial statements to make informed budgeting and assessment decisions. Goodwin & Company provides monthly financial packets with user-friendly reports tailored to your HOA’s specific accounts, reserve fund investments, and budget.

Vendor Management

Your HOA depends on vendors and contractors for landscaping, maintenance, janitorial, and other ongoing services. Goodwin & Company can take over the legwork of managing these vendor relationships. 

Our team will gather competitive bids to ensure your HOA gets the best value. Once contractors are hired, we’ll oversee work quality and contract compliance, negotiate any changes, and handle payments. Goodwin & Company will be your HOA’s representative for all vendor management, so your board doesn’t get bogged down with routine contractor issues.

Emergency Maintenance Services

When an emergency maintenance issue like a burst pipe or broken HVAC system arises after hours, you need immediate assistance to mitigate damage and keep your residents safe. Goodwin & Company provides emergency maintenance coordination services. Our managers will dispatch vetted, licensed contractors to quickly address any emergency maintenance situations, even late at night or on weekends. 

CC&R Revision Assistance

Your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) establish the rules and architectural guidelines for your community. As your neighborhood evolves, those original CC&Rs may become outdated and need revision. Goodwin & Company can provide specialized assistance if your HOA undertakes the major project of revising and updating your CC&Rs. 

We’ll consult with your board to identify priority areas for revision and provide guidance and expertise to ensure your finished CC&Rs help you effectively govern and enforce standards.

Dues Collection

Collecting HOA dues from homeowners can be a frustrating and time-consuming chore for volunteer board members. Goodwin & Company offers full-service accounts receivable and dues collection to recover past-due assessments efficiently. 

Our professionals will send friendly payment reminders, document conversations, and consult with attorneys as needed to get your HOA’s bank account replenished from delinquent owners. We pursue collection of unpaid dues using proven best practices that balance firm enforcement with maintaining good relationships.


Why Choose Goodwin & Company For Your HOA Management?

After over 45 years in business serving HOAs, Goodwin & Company offers an unmatched combination of expertise, responsiveness, and customer service. Here are some key reasons to choose us as your trusted HOA management partner:

  • Extensive HOA experience in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado markets
  • Licensed, professional community managers 
  • Timely communications and responsive customer service
  • Customized solutions to meet your HOA’s unique needs  
  •  Proven dues collection process to improve cash flow

Goodwin & Company strives to provide value and peace of mind so your HOA board can focus on maintaining and improving your community. Contact us today to learn more about our customized HOA management services for communities in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.

Partner With Goodwin & Company For HOA Management

Managing an HOA involves wearing many hats – finances, maintenance, legal, landscaping, recordkeeping, and more. But your board members don’t need to do it all themselves. Partnering with a professional, full-service community management company like Goodwin & Company allows your HOA board to focus on governing and long-term planning rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day management.

If you’re looking for an experienced HOA management partner to help your Texas, Louisiana,  or Colorado community operate more smoothly, contact Goodwin & Company today. Our customized approach, extensive expertise, and focus on responsiveness and quality provide the solutions HOA boards need. Get in touch to learn more about our services and find out how Goodwin & Company can help your HOA thrive.

Community management is what we do. From a four-unit condo to a 6,000-home neighborhood association, our broad range of services is specifically designed to allow you to relax and know that we’ve got this.

  • Full Service Management
  • Professional Advising to the Board of Directors
  • Facilities Management
  • Rules/Regulation Enforcement
  • On-site Staff Training and Supervision
  • Assessment Billing and Collections
  • Monthly Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Afterhours Emergency Response
  • Annual Budget Planning
  • Property Inspections
  • Vendor and Bid Management
  • Corporate Filings
  • Architectural Review and Control
  • Annual Meeting Coordination

Oftentimes, mixed-use properties blend specific service needs across residential, commercial, cultural and entertainment properties. At Goodwin, you’ll have access to a full staff of experts with decades of experience across many different types of mixed-use properties, and they are ready to handle your request at a moment’s notice.

  • Legal Compliance
  • Full-Time Association Maintenance
  • Around-the-Clock Emergency Services
  • Unit and Property Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Superior Accounting
  • General Property Upkeep

For developers, there’s no greater peace of mind than knowing your community is in good hands with a management firm that cares. We partner directly with you as a consultant, ensuring your community is set up properly and that your finances are in order. From groundbreaking to resident turnover, we take care of your homeowners so that you can keep selling. This type of relationship saves you time and money!