For developers, there’s nothing more reassuring than having an HOA management company that genuinely cares for your community. We act as your direct consultant, ensuring that your community is well-established and your finances are managed properly. From the initial stages of development to resident turnover, we handle all aspects of homeowner management, allowing you to focus on selling. This collaborative approach not only saves you time but also maximizes cost-effectiveness. Reach out to the experts at Goodwin & Company to learn more about our developer services in Texas and Colorado.

Developer Services

We partner with land developers and home builders to guarantee smooth HOA and Condominium Management for communities across Texas and Colorado. From the inception of the project to its completion. We work hand in hand to establish and maintain efficient management systems. Our partnership extends beyond construction, as we provide ongoing support and guidance to guarantee smooth operations for homeowners. With our expertise in HOA and Condominium management, developers and builders can rest assured that their communities are in great hands.

Our Developer Services: Customized Solutions For Your Vision

At Goodwin & Company, we recognize the distinct challenges and possibilities that land developers and home builders inherent, particularly within the realm of homeowners’ associations (HOA) and condominium projects. Our Developer Services team is dedicated to offering comprehensive support at every stage of the development process, from the initial planning phase to the pivotal transition to homeowner control.

  • Pre-Development Consulting: We collaborate with you right from the start. Our team offers expert advice on governance structures, budgeting, and community guidelines, aligning with your vision and the specific needs of your development.
  • Operational Setup: Our experience enables us to efficiently set up operational aspects of the HOA or condominium, including financial management, vendor contracts, and management procedures, ensuring a robust foundation for your development.
  • Compliance and Legal Support: Navigating the legal complexities of HOAs and condominiums can be daunting. We provide guidance on legal compliance, helping to establish bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) that protect both the developer and future residents.
  • Transition Management: As your project nears completion, our focus shifts to preparing for the transition to homeowner control. We facilitate this process, ensuring a smooth handover and maintaining the integrity of the community’s vision.
  • Ongoing Support: Our relationship doesn’t end with the transition. We offer continued management and consulting services to ensure the long-term success and vibrancy of the community.

Why Choose Goodwin & Company’s Developer Services?

We understand that successful community development requires careful attention to detail and proactive management. That’s why our team collaborates closely with land developers and home builders, providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to address the unique needs of each project. With years of experience and industry knowledge, we help developers and builders navigate the complexities of HOA and condominium management, allowing them to focus on their core objectives and setting the stage for a vibrant and thriving community for years to come.

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in HOA and condominium management, our team has the knowledge and skill to handle every aspect of community development and management.
  • Customized Solutions: We recognize that each development is unique. Our approach is always tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.
  • Commitment to Quality: At Goodwin & Company, quality is not just a goal; it’s our standard. We are committed to delivering exceptional service at every stage of your project.
  • Seamless Collaboration: We believe in working as an extension of your team, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Let’s Build Communities Together

Transform your vision for exceptional living spaces into reality with Goodwin & Company’s developer services. Whether your project is in Texas, Colorado, or beyond, we are here to provide unparalleled management and support every step of the way. Your community deserves the best management and support it can get. Connect with Goodwin & Company’s Developer Services team today, and let’s turn that vision into reality.

Community management is what we do. From a four-unit condo to a 6,000-home neighborhood association, our broad range of services is specifically designed to allow you to relax and know that we’ve got this.

  • Full Service Management
  • Professional Advising to the Board of Directors
  • Facilities Management
  • Rules/Regulation Enforcement
  • On-site Staff Training and Supervision
  • Assessment Billing and Collections
  • Monthly Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Afterhours Emergency Response
  • Annual Budget Planning
  • Property Inspections
  • Vendor and Bid Management
  • Corporate Filings
  • Architectural Review and Control
  • Annual Meeting Coordination

Oftentimes, mixed-use properties blend specific service needs across residential, commercial, cultural and entertainment properties. At Goodwin, you’ll have access to a full staff of experts with decades of experience across many different types of mixed-use properties, and they are ready to handle your request at a moment’s notice.

  • Legal Compliance
  • Full-Time Association Maintenance
  • Around-the-Clock Emergency Services
  • Unit and Property Maintenance
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Superior Accounting
  • General Property Upkeep

For developers, there’s no greater peace of mind than knowing your community is in good hands with a management firm that cares. We partner directly with you as a consultant, ensuring your community is set up properly and that your finances are in order. From groundbreaking to resident turnover, we take care of your homeowners so that you can keep selling. This type of relationship saves you time and money!