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5 Ways to Improve Owner Retention in Your Association

Bringing new owners into your association is excellent, but keeping them around for years is critical. Owner retention in an HOA can be difficult. Yet, when approached with the correct Board and HOA management team, it can lead to:

+ A more efficient association

+ Even more new owners

+ A more robust Board of Directors

+ Happier homeowners

Your Board should have all of these goals in mind regarding managing the community. If your association needs help with member retention, here are 5 things your Board can do to keep your community full and thriving.

Create HOA Membership Benefits

How your association stands out from the competition directly results in how it retains its members. One of the best ways to stand out is through unique membership benefits.

Everyone wants something special out of their HOA. So, meet with your Board and management team to find out what you can do to make your association unique.

Some of the best association benefits include:

+ Regularly sponsored social events

+ An online portal that simplifies membership

+ Customized communication based on member preference

+ Updated swimming pool and other shared association amenities

Build Actual Relationships With Your Owners

A monthly bill and newsletter aren’t enough to say you’ve put in an effort to get to know your owners. People love when they get extra positive attention. Take some time out of your Board’s schedule to reach out and get to know your constituents.

Simple communication like a personalized birthday message or postcard thanking them for a recent volunteer effort can help your owners feel seen, respected, and eager to live within your association.

Plan Interactive Activities

Activities are one of the cornerstones of a successful association. Planning social gatherings around current association topics like a greener initiative or noise reduction directly involves owner input and building rapport.

If your owners feel like they’ve helped create an initiative, they’ll be more inclined to stay and possibly become future members of the Board itself!

Find Out Why Members Leave

If you’ve experienced a string of members leaving in the past, there is likely an issue on the association’s end you need to address. While you may be unable to reach out to former members, you can still survey current members and learn where you can improve.

Getting answers now and resolving issues as soon as possible helps you maintain expectations and keep your community’s population high.

Ask Property Management About Membership Management Software

Membership management software is an excellent way to simplify overall management through technology. Management software keeps your efforts organized, helps track owner activity, and makes event creation and promotion easier.

Goodwin & Company can help you use management software to create an online portal that eases your management burdens and lets you focus on immediate improvements that keep your members happy.

Start Your Retention Journey Today, With Goodwin & Company

If your association is on a growth trajectory or has had past troubles with owner retention, it’s time to put your membership in the hands of professionals. At Goodwin & Company, we’ve helped associations of all sizes earn new owners, keep them, and grow a thriving community over the years.

Let our management professionals help you create an attractive association. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a member of the Goodwin family!

Top Reasons Why You Should Join your Association’s Board

Serving on your HOA’s board comes with immense responsibility but can be one of the most rewarding things you could do as a homeowner owner. You can improve your experience as a property owner, but you can also make some long-term positive changes that benefit future property owners.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider joining your association’s board.

You Can Help Correct Problems

If you know that your homeowner’s association has recurring problems like noisy neighbors or not enough parking for visitors, joining your association’s board can help you correct any problems in your community.

As an HOA board member, you will also be the person other owners come to with their problems. So, if you are a natural problem-solver, a position on the Board may be the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Help Your Community Meet Overall Expectations

You likely volunteered for your Board because you were unsatisfied with how the community has met your expectations. You want your association to live up to the expectations owners have when they buy into your community.

As an association board member, you have the power to work hand-in-hand with your neighbors and create the utopia your community set out to be.

Learn About Association Laws and Finances

Volunteering for your HOA board allows you to work closely with local laws and finances. Approaching these items with an open mind and willingness to learn will make you a better leader.

With an association management company at your side, you have direct access to legal and financial counsel. They will guide you through essential processes that give you a greater understanding of managing an association’s legal and financial hurdles.

Elevate Your Community With a Team

Working with your association Board means improving your community as a team. Everyone on the Board brings unique skills to the table to make your association better.

As a Board member, you aren’t on this journey alone. Working together will ensure the right improvements and decisions are made at the right time for your community.

Build Your Leadership Skills

Finally, volunteering for your association’s Board can help you build your personal leadership skills.

As a board member, you’ll have to lead your fellow property owners and guide them toward making the right choices for your community.

From speaking at town hall meetings to approaching an owner face to face to discuss a regulatory issue, your experience on the Board will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to approach any responsibilities in your life with an air of leadership.

Achieve Community Greatness With Goodwin & Company

If your association board needs help onboarding new members or helping volunteers find their place, Goodwin & Company can help. We are a team of HOA management professionals that have improved associations of all sizes.

From advising your board members to being the face of the community for your association, Goodwin has the experience to push you forward.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how your community could join forces with Goodwin & Company.