4 Tips for Recruiting HOA Board Members in 2019

At Goodwin & Company, we have a lot of respect for board members. Not only is the Community Association board comprised of volunteers, but they are volunteers that care about your community. Your board is a community pillar that has the power to enhance your neighborhood and make living in your area the best that it can be.

When it comes time to recruit new board members, selecting the right ones is crucial. Here are four steps that your board can do in order to help make the best decision for your next member!

1. Educate Your Community

The best way to get potential board members interested is to remind them that their community board exists. Many people think that the board is a faceless group that makes decisions about the community from afar (or worse, they think that the management company is the one that makes the decisions).

Get out and get active within the community and make sure that your homeowners are involved. One way to educate your homeowners is to keep them up-to-date with newsletters or memos that:

  • Discuss progress on current work
  • Invite them to ask questions at the next meeting
  • Introduce the members of the board to homeowners that may not personally know them

2. Have Your Association Management Help You Answer Questions

After you’ve brought up the need for new life on your board, your community is going to have a lot of questions about the process, your board needs, and what your board is as a whole.

Take some time to sit with your association management team to come up with a plan with regards to answering these questions. You want to ensure that all answers are uniform, informative, and most of all, encouraging to board member applicants.

3. Encourage Action Based on Homeowner Talents

Your board is going to have specific needs that must be met, and some of your local homeowners may have the exact talents for the job. Your board is one that is going to need management help with accounting, construction, gardening, technology, and more. Make an announcement of your needs to your community, and it is likely that people with the right skillsets already reside in the neighborhood and may be willing to help make your community shine.

4. Turn Complaints into Action

Sometimes your community may have members that “lightly suggest” a lot of items to your board. While some may see this as complaining, your board should see this as a future recruitment opportunity. These suggestions are all being directed to the board as a means to improve the community. Invite your passionate residents to come aboard and get involved with the development of your neighborhood. An active, caring hand is always important on a board or even a committee.

Goodwin & Company Helps Your Board Recruit the Right Members

Does your board need help with recruitment? Let the professionals at Goodwin & Company guide your board in the right direction for excellent recruitment strategies. Contact us today to find out how we have helped communities like yours and how we can make a difference in your neighborhood.