5 Reasons You Need a Condo Management Company

Many people across Texas enjoy living the condo lifestyle. However, leadership styles range, and those with only a volunteer board on their side may require a little extra help for success.

If your association is feeling a little stale and needs some rejuvenation in its system, here are five reasons why your board should hire a COA management company to bring organization to your community.

Less Stress for Volunteer Board Members

Your COA’s Board of Directors is made up of elected volunteers with everyday lives and responsibilities. Between collecting dues, following up with community complaints, and trying to be a positive face amongst fellow condo owners, the job can be stressful.

COA management can easily come in and help with the behind-the-scenes responsibilities and make being a board member volunteer a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Trust us to help you with essential tasks like:

  • Delinquent dues collection
  • Legal assistance
  • Vendor management
  • Project management, and more, which we’ll discuss below!

Strong Regulation Enforcement

The rules and regulations of any condo community are in place to keep the community comfortable, happy, and safe. When an owner or one of their guests violates any CC&Rs, your management team can quickly start the enforcement process.

We approach every situation with consistency and will serve as an independent third party during times of community conflict. Our impartial position prioritizes your owners’ needs to quickly resolve HOA rule violations or any neighborly conflicts.

Management Teams Improve Annual Budgets

While most budgets in a COA tend to stick to what worked in the past, many don’t try to push their association towards a brighter future.

COA management brings professional financial experience to your organization and can help create a budget that allows your association to meet its current goals and prepare itself to meet goals that it has in its sights for the future.

Service Beyond the Status Quo

A professional management team can help shake up the status quo of your COA. Our goal is to improve your community and increase the value of ownership to its members. From landscaping improvements to increased community awareness of CC&Rs, our team is prepared to go above and beyond to make your COA a pillar of its industry.

Management Companies Come with Essential Connections

When you hire a management team to help with your COA, you’re bringing on a team with valuable connections that promote direct improvement for your community.

At Goodwin & Company, we take pride in the professional relationships we’ve cultivated over the years. Working with us brings the following value to your association management:

  • Legal professionals
  • Qualified vendors
  • Financial experts

When situations arise that require expertise that goes beyond the average board and our management team, trust us to bring in qualified field professionals that solve problems and improve operations.

Keep Your Condominium Association On Top with Goodwin & Company

If your COA is ready for a positive change of pace, the management experts at Goodwin & Company are ready to help! We have decades of experience in the management field and have successfully improved COAs and HOAs across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Join our family today! Contact us to learn more about our services.