5 Steps Towards Goodwinlent Community Pool Management During the Off-Season

Even though it’s definitely not pool season in Dallas, your community pool should always be a priority of the Board. Take advantage of the cooler weather and handle some of the interior needs of your pool so that by the time spring rolls around, your pool will be properly prepared for guests.

By following these five steps from local HOA management professionals, your Board will be able to rest easy, knowing that one of the biggest amenities in the community is well-maintained.

  1. Double Check Insurance Policies
  2. Research Professional Management
  3. Audit Pool Equipment
  4. Ensure Pool Maintenance Fits In Next Year’s Budget
  5. Review Pool Rules For Simplicity

1. Double Check Your Insurance Policies

Pools naturally come with a lot of risks involved for those that end up managing them. Before your pool opens up for the season, make sure that you have properly assessed any potential risk and covered your investment. Not only does injury insurance come into play here, but so does general insurance to cover any damages that could occur throughout the year. Your community pool has the power to really impact your bottom line, so make sure you are protected before bathing suit season.

2. Look into Professional Management

Boards are made up of volunteer community members. Unless they have specialized in pool or professional community management, they may only be able to manage this amenity at the surface level. With the help of their current association management team, a Board can take the right steps towards hiring professional pool management for 2019. This is important because not only are they going to be the most knowledgeable person for the job, but they will also assume most of the responsibility for the pool’s safety and maintenance.

3. Take Time to Audit Your Pool Equipment

During the off-season, check up on your pool equipment. Are all of your cleaning supplies in good condition? Is your diving board or water slide up to code? Checking with your management company or pool service provider can help you identify what aspects of your pool need to be inspected in order to guarantee a safe opening in the spring.

4. Make Sure That 2019 Pool Maintenance Fits in Your Budget

Every year your Board should review their community budget. One of the areas that need to be specifically reviewed is your pool maintenance costs. Find out how much plumbing, heaters, pumps, and technical equipment will cost from your current vendors in 2019. If the board is unsatisfied with the rates that are given, fortunately, there is time to rectify the situation by interviewing new vendors as recommended by a community management expert.

5. Review Your Pool Rules for Simplicity

Safety is the number one priority at a community pool. While the pool is unused, sit down and review the pool rules. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What rules were broken the most in the last year?
  • Did we have any unexpected accidents?
  • Could things be spelled out better?

Sometimes changes to the rules need to be made and waiting until the final hour isn’t an option. Make sure your rules are clear and concise before people start getting ready for poolside fun.

Go Above and Beyond for Your Community with Professional Management from Goodwin & Company

In 2019, make sure that your Board has the assistance it needs to ensure that your community operates efficiently. Goodwin & Company is a Dallas-based company that specializes in assisting Boards with financial planning, bylaw enforcement, vendor contracting, and more.

If you are ready for your community to take some positive steps towards organization, reach out to us today. We are ready to help your Board enjoy their positions in the New Year.

Here are some easy ways to keep your community pool summer-ready.