6 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Boost a Property’s Appeal

The housing market continues to boom in the Big D. You may have noticed a significant uptick in homes for sale in the area. Dallas and its surrounding suburbs are rapidly growing with plenty of new construction (and the traffic to prove it). While Dallas continues to be a seller’s market, the average home sits on the market for 71 days. Buyers are willing to shop around until they find that perfect home in a great neighborhood that will also be a good investment. Check out these six budget-friendly ideas to boost a property’s appeal and help it sell faster.

1. Clean It Up

Want to clean up in the current market? Make sure your property is cleaned up. The only thing it will cost you is a few hours and a little elbow grease. Pick up all trash, clean the windows inside and out. Clean out gutters, rake leaves and clear away any debris that may have blown in from a recent thunderstorm. When prospective buyers see a spotless exterior, they know the inside will also be clean.


2. Spread Some Mulch

Mulch helps freshen up and frame your property. Adding mulch around the trees and flowerbeds will instantly boost your property’s appeal. Both organic and inorganic mulch cuts down on weed growth and keeps plants hydrated in the scorching Texas heat. Looking to learn more about mulch? Follow these helpful tips and tricks!

3. Add Colorful Plants

You don’t have to spend hours digging a new flower bed to add some color to your front porch or walkway. Plant some native flowers like hibiscus or verbena in large, colorful pots, which you can use to surround the porch or line the walkway. Move them around and change the plants out as the seasons change. Native plants are easy to maintain and stand up well in the Texas heat. The container plants can also be used to hide unsightly utility boxes.


4. Paint Entrances

Check storage areas for any leftover paint for the front door and trim of your house. Make sure the color either matches or compliments the exterior colors. Yellow, red, and even black doors create a dramatic look that will stand out to potential buyers. Make sure to submit an ACC request to your Association Board before making any changes like this to the exterior of your home though!

5. Keep It Trimmed

Mowing the lawn on a regular basis is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways you can boost your property’s appeal. Unkept yards are quickly discounted or skipped during a house hunting tour. Show potential buyers that all areas of your property are well maintained by keeping the lawn neat and trimmed. Remember to edge for an overall polished appearance. If that seems like a lot of work, consider hiring a local professional, as the cost is quite affordable.


6. Power Wash Hardscapes

It can be easy to overlook the grime and dirt that can build up on the hardscaped areas around the property. Rent a power washer for a day and blast away the dark stains that have accumulated on the patio and sidewalks over the past few years. Pay close attention to walkways and brickwork.

These budget-friendly ideas will help you boost your curb appeal, and win you favor among your neighbors. After all, the appearance of your property also affects their curb appeal.

Jacob Palmer is a gardening and landscape design writer. When mowing lawns on his street as a child, he discovered a lifelong passion for landscape design. He now has three children who can all be found helping him most weekends with his next big garden project.