A Day in the Life of an HOA Board Member

HOA board members are huge components of the backbone that makes up a successful planned community. From the organization of community events to making decisions that help keep a neighborhood within local code compliance, your average board member has a lot on their plate. All of this is on top of the fact that they are really volunteers who are deeply devoted to their community.

Our team works with community leaders on a daily basis and we felt like shining some light on all of the great things they do throughout their time at the helm. Here’s a look into a “day in the life” of an HOA board member and why they deserve more credit than they get!

Consistently Planning For the Future

Although maintenance in the community is a key focus for a board member, the future is really what they have their eye on. Many people have volunteered to be on the board in order to benefit the future of the community for generations of homeowners to come.

Planning for the future and meeting goals they’ve set in place for a neighborhood is easier said than done. Your HOA board works hard to gather several pieces to complete their puzzle.

This includes:

  • Pursuing collections to ensure the HOA has adequate funds
  • Building reserve funds for future budgets
  • Obtaining and reviewing multiple bids for big projects
  • Regularly conducting a Reserve Study, and much more!

Meetings With the Management Team

Like we’ve mentioned before, HOA boards consist of volunteers who just want to see a better community for the future. Not everyone is qualified to expertly handle all of the legal and financial hurdles that get in the way of community planning.

That’s where regular meetings with HOA management teams come into play. We help your board members navigate through the difficulties of running a neighborhood while still having a family life and full-time jobs.

From reviewing legal options in a non-payment dues dispute to finding the right vendors to maintain community grounds, meetings with a management team are essential. We work with your HOA to provide board members with the essential tools and resources necessary to improve your neighborhood.

Interpreting and Enforcing Bylaws

While this may not be the most popular duty for board members and community members alike, your board is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the CC&Rs that keep your community looking its best.

Remember, your board represents the community as a whole so, the best interest of the entire neighborhood is their duty. It’s important that everyone follow the general rules so that the pleasantries of a community remain uniform. So, even though a decision to shut down a personal construction project or fining members who consistently don’t cut their grass may seem like a power play, it really isn’t. All situations are unique and your board members work hard to approach every interpretation of the bylaws with a level head and the best interest of the community in mind.

Let Goodwin & Company Help Make Your HOA Community “Home”

If your HOA board knows that it needs some extra help managing the neighborhood, it’s time to look into hiring an association management team. At Goodwin & Company, we have the experience and resources to help communities of all sizes effectively meet the goals that have been set in place for their success. We’re ready to help you better your board. Contact us today to learn more about our services.