Are You Qualified to Become a Board Member?

Serving on your HOA board is both an honor and a responsibility. Your fellow community members rely on you and the rest of the board to make qualified decisions that push an association forward.

As we enter a new year, some association boards may be prepared to bring in new HOA members as current volunteers step down.

If you think you possess some of the key qualities of an HOA leader, here are some of the biggest factors that matter to a board and association management.

Do You Work Well in a Group Setting?

As a board member, one of the biggest parts of your job is to cooperate with your fellow members and association management team. When on the board, it’s essential that a member understands that the board leads as a group, not as individual board members.

While serving on the board, a member would be responsible for helping with:

  • Prioritizing future community projects
  • Managing association financial records
  • Approving community vendors
  • Planning annual budgets, and more!

All of the decisions that come with board membership require a team approach in order to ensure every board action taken is to benefit the community as a whole.

A Great Board Member Exemplifies Fairness

HOA Board members don’t just have their own self-interests in mind. Exercising fairness in all matters is an essential part of community leadership. Regardless of who was involved in a neighborly dispute or who is requesting to build on their property, a board member must approach every situation as a neutral party.

Business and Community-Oriented

A well-balanced mix of work and play makes an excellent HOA board member. Board members should be able to make impactful decisions that will increase the property value of the entire community.

Members are expected to understand their responsibilities within the community and take them seriously. However, they are also expected to budget annually, plan, and execute fun community events that bring the neighborhood together.

As an HOA management team, we understand that balancing work and play can be challenging as a volunteer. That’s why we are committed to helping your board out behind the scenes with the more business-oriented details of your association.

Trust us to crunch the numbers, handle vendor negotiations, and follow up on collections for you, while you have more time to focus on being the face of your community.

Open to Educational Opportunities

Not everyone who makes it onto a leadership board is going to have every qualification necessary to perform all parts of the job. This is where your association management team can step in to help.

As long as a board member is open to educational opportunities, we can help train and educate new board members on their responsibilities and how to handle the numerous situations that may arise within the community under their leadership.

Become a True Community Leader With the Help of Goodwin & Company

If you are a leader of a homeowner’s association that is ready to increase the value of your community through strong leadership, Goodwin & Company can help. Our management team takes pride in our ability to help volunteer board members become true pillars of the community.

From vendor services to financial management of an association, your community can trust Goodwin to have its best interest in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our services.