Why Communication With Your Community Association Is Important

Communication With Your Community Association

Communication between a community association and the homeowners that dwell in a community is important yet can also become lacking if not done right. Find out the fundamentals of how to successfully form lines of communication between these two parties.

Why is Communication so Important?

Communication is important to all relationships, but there is a special reason why communication between a community association and its community members is so important. When people move into a community, their first moves are going to be to try to make themselves a part of their local community. This can be done by communicating with the local community association. Community associations are a great resource for new residents because it can serve as a place to get answers to common questions such as details on rules, due dates, trash schedules, pool hours, etc.

Communication in community associations also goes the other way.  It is very important that an association can properly communicate to all of their residents in the case of an issue that requires prompt, broad communication to the entire community.

Keep Your Communication Easy Within Your Community Association

Keeping communication easy for residents is important. Whether you are managing a condominium property or a series of homes, the first step to doing this is to know how your residents communicate best. Some people prefer to take the high-tech route, but others may prefer to communicate via phone, mail, or fax.

However, keep in mind that resident communication preferences continue to grow via email, social media, portals, and mobile applications. We all hold busy schedules, so a community association needs to accommodate various communication preferences so that residents can review information as it works into their lives.

Make Your Communication Quick

On the topic of understanding busy lives, make communication quick, and easy to skim. Forcing readers to hunt for information is too much to ask for these days. Keeping newsletters brief, with captivating headers, and fonts that direct the eyes to pertinent information is very important. This will especially be useful for readers that are gaining their community association news through mobile means.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Like any other form of communication, a community association will strive to keep its audience engaged with the message that they are trying to present. There are three essential elements to keeping homeowners engaged:


This means content that is pushed out will strive to be simple, pertinent, and user-friendly. Simplicity with a well-thought-out navigation is what creates beautiful and highly-functional content.


Content is and always will be king. Content from an association that communicates well will be fun, interesting, social, and answer any frequently asked questions. This will promote interaction and relationships among neighbors.

Informed, Happy Homeowners

The base of an informed association and community go a long way towards preventing future problems in the area. The more that you are able to cater to your community’s lifestyle and busy schedules, the happier they will be in your community.

Goodwin & Company Makes Ourselves Available

Whatever the communication needs and preferences of the residents in your community association, Goodwin & Company has systems in place to ensure your residents are up-to-date. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.