Does Your HOA Website Have All of the Essential Features?

An association’s website must be versatile in order to push a community to the front lines of successful HOAs.

Your HOA website is literally a window that shows prospective owners a glimpse of the beauty and structure that a private community has to offer. It is also a way for current owners and board members to effectively communicate and easily accomplish basic association tasks like agenda planning and dues collection.

Many association management teams are having communities around the nation implement technology into their journey towards progress. Most technological shifts start with a successful association website. Does yours have the essential elements of a winning experience?

Find out by exploring our checklist of essential features that every association should implement on their site.


Let’s face facts, everyone operates from their phones these days. So, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile accessibility, it won’t appear well on all devices and will be a point of frustration for potential and current residents who rely on your website as a point of relevant information.

However, failing to make your site mobile friendly kills its user friendliness and makes your association appear unprofessional and behind on the times.

Online Portal

An online portal is the one thing your association absolutely needs on its website. Your site should be a source that makes life easier for owners and board members alike.

A community portal grants members easy, secured access to:

  • Online payment options
  • Their account information
  • Board member and management associates
  • Rules and regulations of the community, and more!

Community Calendar

Your association’s community calendar is necessary for keeping all of you community members informed on important events like:

  • Upcoming meetings
  • Block Parties or other community events
  • Details on clubhouse bookings/unavailability
  • Community center hours, and more!

Access to Community Documents

Although your board and community management team are an excellent resource for community rules and regulations, sometimes owners just want to study your CC&Rs on their own time.

As part of the push for transparency, make sure all public documents specific to your community are available to view or download.

This is helpful for new owners who want to abide by the rules of your association, or for those who want to find document specific talking points for the next board meeting.

Online Reservations

If you live in a large association where community space can be difficult to reserve, implement online reservations to lighten the load on your board members and make organization easy.

Whether it’s reserving a day at the pool or renting out the community center for a birthday party, we know that online reservations are a simple and effective way for your community members to stake their claim on coveted shared buildings.

Update Your Online Presence with the Help of Goodwin & Company

If you’re ready to bring your HOA up-to-date, make sure your first moves for improvement are a brand new website.

Although the task may seem daunting, the management team of Goodwin & Company has the technical savvy to help you create an enticing and user-friendly website.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner with our management team and the many benefits we provide to the communities we serve.