Eight Tips for Getting All HOA Board Members on the Same Page

HOA Board Meeting

To get the most from your homeowner’s association (HOA), it is important that all members of the board are working towards the same goals. If you have an HOA in your community, you are encouraged to use the following strategy to ensure your community benefits the most from HOA management.

Establish Roles and Responsibilities for Each Board Member

Your board members should know exactly what to do as a team. When your board members have direction, they can accomplish their goals.

Directly after your new Board members are sworn in, hold an exclusive meeting that details every responsibility the new volunteer has in their position. This prevents any responsibility overlap and, most of all, prevents anything from falling through the cracks.

Additionally, you can assign these members to form committees to organize additional tasks that need special attention. 

Make Sure Everyone Understands the HOA Rules and Regulations

For your board to be effective, they must understand the rules and regulations of the HOA. Knowing all of the rules and regulations will help your board stay focused on what the community wants from the HOA.

Take some time to review your community CC&Rs with your management and legal team. They will help each Board member understand the amount of reach they have in the HOA.

Set an Agenda for Each Meeting and Stick to It

For the best results in a HOA board meeting, you want a written agenda, and you will want to follow it closely. When you go off track, it is easy to get sidetracked, and the meeting closes with nothing accomplished.

Set a Time at Each Meeting for Open Discussion

At the end of your board meeting, have an open discussion. This will allow board members to discuss anything that may have been brought to their attention since the last meeting that should have been included in the current meeting agenda.

This special time set aside ensures that nothing of importance is left in the rearview as your board moves forward on decisions.

Set Up a Standard Form of Communication for Board Members

Board members should be able to stay in touch outside of meeting times. Establish a group email or text that can be used specifically for HOA-related information and discussions. Remember, though, the only place where a legitimate vote can occur is at an official meeting, not via text or private phone calls.

Encourage Collaboration by Setting Common Goals for the HOA

Your board members will be more willing to work towards a goal for your community when they feel included. Taking time to sit down and truly discuss what matters to each board member can lead to a quick sense of common ground. This type of collaboration will always benefit the HOA and the community.

Set Guidelines for Conflicts

Conflicts can arise at any board meeting when members have different views on a subject. Establish a guideline on how to resolve conflicts and follow it at all times. This may include voting on a subject or researching more on the project before committing to an idea or plan.

Follow Up on All Tasks Assigned

Board members should establish how to follow up on any given tasks or projects. This may include a regular check-in with other board members before the next meeting or a follow-up call by a designated board member to see how the task is going or the results.

HOA management techniques are very important to the success of the HOA. Goodwin & Company is a Dallas HOA management firm that works with local HOAs so that its Board can manage its communities more effectively.

People choose to reside within an HOA community because they like what an HOA has to offer. They like the thought of their community being held to a higher standard because it means they will enjoy a higher standard of living. HOA board members are encouraged to use these tools to get the most out of their meetings and the best results for their community.

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