HOA Landscaping Guidelines For Homeowners


When you buy a home within a Homeowners Association (HOA) community, you enjoy certain common-area benefits and amenities. However, you also agree to abide by a set of guidelines, known as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), that can impact everything from the paint color you choose to how you landscape your yard. Understanding those HOA landscaping guidelines is crucial to having a beautiful yard and a positive relationship with your HOA.

Why Do HOAs Have Landscaping Guidelines?

Homeowners associations implement HOA landscaping guidelines for several key reasons:


HOAs want to maintain a neat and consistent aesthetic throughout the neighborhood.

Property Values

Well-maintained landscaping boosts curb appeal and can positively impact property values for everyone in the community. 

Resource Conservation

Some HOAs encourage water-wise landscaping and native plants to reduce environmental impact. 

What Restrictions Might A Homeowner Face With HOA Landscaping?

Every HOA management approach is different, but some common HOA landscaping restrictions or requirements include:

  • Plant Choices: HOAs might have a list of approved plants or trees (HOA landscaping rules).
  • Lawn Maintenance: You will probably need to mow your lawn and keep it free of weeds.
  • Tree Trimming: You may be responsible for keeping trees trimmed and maintained.
  • Garden Restrictions: Your HOA’s landscaping rules might include strictures on the size, placement or types of vegetable or flower gardens allowed.
  • Exterior Structures: You might need pre-approval for structures like sheds, fences or playsets (This is most often a source for the question, “Do you need HOA approval for landscaping?”).

How To Find Your HOA’s Landscaping Guidelines

Your HOA’s CC&Rs will provide comprehensive landscaping rules and regulations:

HOA Site and Documents

Many HOAs have online guidelines or resources for accessing important documents. You may have received a set when you purchased your home.

HOA Board or Management Company

Contact your HOA board or your management company for a copy of the CC&Rs.

Obtaining HOA Approval For Landscaping Projects

Major landscaping changes will likely require HOA approval (Do you need HOA approval for landscaping?) Here’s how the process typically works:

  1. Review Your CC&Rs: Check for specific guidance on the approval process.
  2. Submit a Proposal: Most HOAs have a form to outline your project, include sketches, and any material/plant lists.
  3. Architectural Review Committee: This committee will review your proposal and make a decision based on the community’s guidelines.

Does HOA Cover Landscaping? 

Wondering If your HOA covers landscaping? Some HOAs offer landscape maintenance for common areas and sometimes even individual yards. Check your CC&Rs to see what your community provides, but take note: even with HOA maintenance services, you’ll still have some responsibilities as a homeowner.

Goodwin and Company | Your HOA Community Partner

HOA Landscaping guidelines might seem restrictive, but they promote a beautiful and harmonious community. By understanding your HOA’s rules and working collaboratively with the board, you can create a yard that you love while respecting your neighbors. 

Goodwin & Company specializes in HOA management for communities in Texas. We understand the complexities of HOA landscaping regulations and can help your community create clear guidelines and a streamlined approval process. We also offer landscaping services to ensure your community looks its best. Contact Goodwin & Company today to learn more about our HOA management solutions!