How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HOA

Community maintenance is one of the biggest projects that an HOA board and its management team oversee. Although most HOAs are always prepared for a maintenance need to arise, some can be caught by surprise and experience unexpected expenses.


At Goodwin & Company, we approach every community we serve with a prepared preventative maintenance plan that works within their projected budget. Here’s a closer look at some of our processes and how your board members can always be prepared for a community maintenance need.

Keep Track of All of the Little Problems

Once you know that your community needs a preventative maintenance plan, the first step to take is to survey the community and take inventory of all of the minor maintenance issues that exist in your neighborhood. 


Remember, small issues can quickly become large and expensive problems. So, take the initiative and handle all of the minor maintenance issues in order to prevent neighborhood emergencies in the future.

Always Have Your Maintenance Information On-Hand

As you begin to develop a preventative maintenance plan, it’s essential to have the right information available. In order to ensure that your decisions are on track and on budget, some of the necessary maintenance information you’ll need to acquire include the following:


  • The association maintenance policy
  • A detailed list of the expected maintenance costs for the year
  • A copy of your association’s annual budget
  • Information detailing how to keep community equipment warranties valid


While this may seem like a lot of information and documentation, it’s essential to keep your community prepared for any maintenance requirements. Also, your community management team can help you gather all of the information you’ll need to complete an effective preventative maintenance plan.

Always Make Sure Your HOA Board Has a Say in Maintenance Plans

Preventative maintenance plans should always be in place, no matter who is on the board or which management team a community works with. If you are creating your community’s first maintenance plan, it’s essential that your board plays a large role in the final decisions of the preventative plan. 

If your board is directly involved with the decision-making process, your community can always be prepared, even if management responsibilities shift to a new team.

Find the Right Maintenance Vendors

Exceptional vendors play an important role in your community’s preventative maintenance. With the right vendors on your side, problems can quickly be found and resolved without issue. 

Fortunately, your HOA management team can help you find the right vendor at a bid that fits your budget. Over our decades of service, the Goodwin management team has established relationships with the best vendors in the industry.

Trust us to help guarantee that your community receives the exceptional service it deserves.

Prevent Maintenance Issues Today, With Goodwin & Company

Maintenance can easily become an overwhelming responsibility without the help of an association management team. The managers of Goodwin & Company have established vendor relationships and years of experience with assisting communities like yours with their maintenance needs

We’re ready to help keep your community beautiful and help you attract quality owners and retain the wonderful neighbors you already have.

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