How to Host the Perfect HOA Sponsored Community Event

Even though your community pool may consistently be packed this summer, there is always room to throw an extra celebration for your association members. As the leaders of your community, the Board is responsible for organizing, approving, and executing Association-sponsored events.

This year, with the help of your association management team, throw a community event that will revitalize the energy surrounding your neighborhood. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect community block party for your neighbors!

Consider Your Community Members

During the planning stage of your event, think about the people who live in your community. As a Board, discuss the important questions like:

  • Do you have lots of children in the community?
  • How physically active are your members?
  • What are some interests and social trends you notice about your neighbors?

Once you have an idea of who you’re throwing the party for, you can start to come up with themes, activities, and most of all, a menu!

Keep it Fun, Yet Affordable

Even with the fun of summer at the top of your mind, you’ll want to keep a close eye on the community budget. No matter how much you want to impress your community, no one is going to remember a smash block party when financial details can’t be taken care of in the long-run.

Usually, the biggest cost for a community throwing a block party is the food. If your event is for a smaller community, consider some affordable appetizers. However, if it’s a larger block party you’re planning, a potluck style gathering is a great way to not only have enough food for your event but to also bring your community together.

Think About the Important Details

While you want to make your event as enjoyable as possible, there are always the finer details that ensure your guests are all comfortable. This is the time to meet with your community management team and organize vendors that can handle:

  • Event catering;
  • Security if necessary;
  • Tents for shade;
  • Portable restrooms, and other details that could easily go unnoticed.

Take the Party Outdoors

Savor the hard work you’ve put into your community upgrades this summer! Enjoy the great outdoors with your neighbors. If the weather happens to be a scorcher the day of your event, host the daytime activities like food and games inside.

Then, when the sun goes down, plan a grand finale everyone will appreciate with a community movie on the lawn. Invite your community members to bring their lawn chairs and blankets. Let them enjoy the maintained landscape while they watch a family favorite from the comfort of the great outdoors. Inflatable screens and projectors can be found at reasonable prices these days, and your association management team will easily be able to help you determine if this idea fits your budget.

Manage Your Summer Budget and More with Goodwin & Company

At Goodwin & Company we believe in helping your association manage the behind the scenes details. This opens up room for your Board to host fun, interactive events that will encourage community trust during future endeavors. If your community association needs help with the management of maintenance tasks, bid solicitation, homeowner response, and more, it’s time to look into professional association management. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.

If you enjoyed these tips for hosting the perfect HOA sponsored event, you may enjoy learning some tips for turning your neighborhood into a community.