How to Spend A Fun & Socially Distant Summer With Your Association

Goodwin HOA Management

The kids are off, school is officially out, summer has begun! While this particular summer is one with specific restrictions, your association can still be a fun hub for children and families.

Even with social distancing measures in full-effect, it’s still important to create a sense of community within your neighborhood. With help from your association management team, participating community members, and effective communication on your neighborhood social media group, the summer of 2020 could still be one for the books!

Here are a few fun ideas to try out this summer that we think will help bring the community together without spreading the Coronavirus threat.

Community Cookout Block Party

Summer cookouts are a quintessential part of the American experience. Don’t let a pandemic prevent your community from “getting together” amidst social distancing regulations. While this summer will present a different type of community cookout, you can still have one!

Organize a group thread on social media and set a time and date that works for everyone to cookout. On the scheduled date, have all the families bring out their cookout gear to their front yards, and start the grilling!

Just having the community grilling outside together, filling the air with aromatic bliss will help boost social morale while also keeping everyone at a socially safe distance.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Once again, social media communication can help save the day for your community’s summer. Unfortunately, with social distancing in place, many kids are glued to a variety of screens for entertainment.

Be better than the latest binge-worthy show! Organize a scavenger hunt that gets families out and about and keeps them safe so long as social distancing is practiced.

During the scavenger hunt, neighbors can display items like teddy bears, toys, or anything else they see fit on their lawn or in a visible window display. Families can then walk around the neighborhood marking down on a prepared game sheet which house had which item attached to it.

This is an amazing and fun way to get out, soak in some Vitamin D and create some safe and memorable moments.

Organize a Parade

Car parades are the latest trend for birthday parties and graduation celebrations that want to keep a safe distance during COVID-19. We say, why not extend parades beyond these events?!

With the help of your fellow board members, any day can be a nice day to sparkle up your car, create some fun signs, and parade through the neighborhood for all of the children to see.

Put on a parade this summer to celebrate the glory of your community and how resilient your association is during these strange times.

Organize a Fun Summer With the Help of Goodwin & Company

At Goodwin & Company we help handle a lot of the “business” aspect of running a planned community. However, after we’ve given your board a solid grip on the legal and financial parts of your community, we are also prepared to help you plan the fun events!

Let us help you ensure that all of your fun is compliant with local codes and everything goes off without a hitch this summer. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide to communities like yours.