Is Your HOA Management Company Too Large?

There are mixed thoughts out in the busy world of HOA management. Some think bigger is better and others believe that personal service is what matters most.

Can an HOA Management Company be too big?

Here at Goodwin & Company, we think the answer is yes, it can be too big.

If your internet search for “HOA management company” comes up with companies in many cities with multiple offices throughout the country, you could assume that this is the company to go with. But the question to ask is: “Is HOA management all they do?”. Usually, the answer to that is “NO.” Their full listing of services is likely to include real estate sales, rental property management, commercial property management, HOA management, and maintenance, etc. HOA management could possibly be one of their primary services but is not their single focus. This is a sign it’s time to start shopping around for a management team.

Find a Local HOA Management Company for Personal Service

Goodwin & Company was founded in 1991. We are a family-owned and operated business. Our service is focused on Community Association Management, which allows us to be responsive to your specific HOA and condo association needs. We assign one Community Manager and one Administrative Assistant to each community so that your association is never lost in a shuffle of personnel or out-of-state offices.

As an association management company, we do utilize similar accounting and management programs as the less personal, over-sized firms. The administrative management processes are similar, pricing is comparable, and the goals are the same, but we excel in providing a level of customer service that can’t be matched.

So why go with an HOA company like us?

At Goodwin, we offer specialists in every service area offered. Because of our personal service with each community association we partner with, we can react more quickly to their immediate needs. We can offer flexibility, personal service, and direct problem solving while keeping costs low. We build and maintain a close bond of trust between our HOA managers and the associations we partner with. Your HOA is never lost in a shuffle of staff members or moved to another office. The partnership we establish is what makes our HOA management company stand out from the over-sized management companies that spread their services and staff too thin.

There are a growing number of HOA management companies out there, but not all can offer the personal and high-quality service that Goodwin & Company offers. Since we were established in 1991, we have seen management companies come and go. We have seen companies grow larger than they can manage, but have gained clients as those companies lose them due to changing market conditions, layers upon layers of management, staff turnover, and the dwindling of that personal, direct partnership. Because we directly focus on association management, we can do what is a priority to do best…provide high quality, personal service at a reasonable cost.

Goodwin wants to partner with your community association, and we want to build a strong partnership with you, your Board, and your community!