Keeping Your HOA Comfortable This Winter

A new year means new potential community members looking to get in on your HOA’s amenities. HOA management services should be dedicated to keeping your community in top shape, and winter is one of the biggest seasons of the year to perform important maintenance.

Keep your community buildings and shared property on their A-game this winter with this winterization checklist that will position your HOA for a successful 2020.

Make Sure Your Pipes Stay Warm

Your pipes are usually the first victim of freezing weather. Nothing is worse during the winter than plumbing problems that are the result of a burst pipe. Keep your shared community properties problem-free by practicing these tips:

  • Insulate exterior and interior pipes
  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly sealed
  • Drain your community pool for the winter
  • Ensure all outdoor faucets are turned off

Tune-Up Your HVAC Systems

Schedule an inspection on your community HVAC systems before the cold really sets in. This will allow you to catch any major or minor repairs before they become a problem that results in poor heating during the winter.

Some things to ask your inspector to look for include:

  • Emissions
  • Leaks

Check Smoke Detectors

The safety of your community buildings is one of your top priorities. Take some time to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. This is a quick task, but simply pressing the test button or changing out the batteries can save someone’s life.

Prevent Ice Damming

Cleaning out your gutters is essential during seasons where the rain and freezing weather come together. Not only does leaf buildup promote potential damage to ceilings and walls, but it also leads to ice damming.

As pretty as ice formations may seem during the holiday season, ice damming on your gutters can lead to serious property problems and also pose a safety risk to people nearby.

Take some time throughout the season to clear out your gutters and ensure water that does flow through them is able to do so freely.

Send Out a Checklist Reminder

Your HOA doesn’t have the budget to provide vendor services to all of the homes in your community. However, your homeowners should still do their best to winterize their homes for the colder season.

So help them stay on top of their responsibilities. Send out a newsletter or create a social media post that outlines some of the tips we’ve prescribed here today! Trust us, when their home stays comfortable this winter, they’ll thank you for it.

Stay on Top of Seasonal Vendors with Goodwin & Company

If you’re part of a new community, don’t spend the winter trying to winterize yourself. Hiring the right vendors is essential to helping your board stay on task, no matter the season. Goodwin & Company can help your community pick the right vendors that will get the job done in line with your budget.

We are ready to help your board make the behind the scenes decisions that help your community flourish. Contact us today to find out how we can get your association on track for the new year.