Secrets of Low Turnover, High Occupancy, and More


Letting go of good tenants is never easy. But the fear of a vacant unit, looming like a dark cloud over your property management, can be even worse. 

Fear not, property owners! Here at Goodwin & Company, we specialize in rental property management. We’re the experts at turning tenant turnover into a seamless transition, keeping your occupancy rates high and your stress levels low. Buckle up as we share our HOA management secrets to a smooth move-out, a stunning curb appeal makeover, and some notes on creating a pet-friendly paradise that could have you welcoming a whole new class of tenant.

Waving Goodbye (Without Tears)

Proactive Marketing

Before tears flow, let’s get those “For Rent” signs replaced with happy new faces! Captivating listings that showcase your property’s unique charm, professional photography are key. 

Strategically use your online presence and platforms to reach the perfect renters. Social media shoutouts and open house events add a personal touch, ensuring your gem doesn’t stay hidden for long.

Inspection Efficiency

Move-out inspections shouldn’t be a chore. Your streamlined process should be clear, thorough and respectful, leaving both parties informed and satisfied. Use digital checklists and detailed reports to ensure a smooth handover, minimizing disputes and delays.

Retention TLC

Sometimes, the best tenants are the ones you already have! Always go the extra mile to keep them happy: timely maintenance, responsive communication and even fun community events. A little appreciation goes a long way in nurturing loyalty and minimizing turnover.

First Impressions Matter

Curb Charisma

Let’s face it, a property with wilting weeds and peeling paint isn’t exactly screaming “move in!” Try budget-friendly landscaping ideas like colorful flowerbeds, neatly trimmed hedges and welcoming pathways. A fresh coat of paint, strategically placed potted plants and even creative doormats can add instant charm, making your property the envy of the block.

Maintenance Marvel

A chipped step here, a leaky faucet there — these small issues can make a big difference in a first impression. Become a stickler for proactive maintenance, making sure everything from the roof to the doorbell is in tip-top shape. A well-maintained property speaks volumes about your dedication and care, attracting responsible tenants who appreciate quality.

Unique Touches

Don’t be afraid to get creative! A vibrant mailbox, community garden, or pet-friendly dog park (see more below) can set your property apart. These thoughtful touches showcase your commitment to creating a vibrant and welcoming living space, attracting tenants looking for more than just bricks and mortar.

Pets Welcome (Responsibly)

We all understand the joy of sharing one’s home with furry companions, and thus the importance of pet-friendly policies that cater to responsible pet owners. Clear pet agreements, thorough screenings, even host “yappy hour” events to foster community among your pet-loving residents.

Paw-sitive Amenities

Consider designated pet-walking areas, waste disposal stations, and even pet-sitting recommendations. These thoughtful touches show you care about both our two-legged and four-legged residents, attracting responsible pet owners who value a welcoming environment.

Open Communication

A transparent HOA management company is one people want to live in. Clear communication is key to harmonious pet cohabitation. We encourage open dialogue between pet owners and neighbors, addressing any concerns promptly and fairly. By fostering a culture of respect and understanding, we create a happy home for everyone, furry or not.

Let Goodwin and Company Help You Keep Occupancy High

Ready to say goodbye to vacancy blues and hello to happy new tenants (and their furry friends)? Goodwin & Company is your one-stop shop for rental property management. Our stress-free tenant turnover, stunning curb appeal makeovers, and pet-friendly paradise will wag their tails at responsible renters. Contact us today to learn more about our HOA management company and let us work our magic on your property!

Remember, a happy, well-maintained, and pet-friendly property speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence. With Goodwin & Company by your side, you can wave goodbye to vacancy blues and welcome a stream of amazing tenants ready to call your property home. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s chat! Contact us today!