Your Summer Prep Checklist: Why Summer Maintenance Matters

summer maintenance checklist

Summer is a wonderful time for any neighborhood, as we get to know each other and engage in all kinds of family fun. Soon, your common areas will see more traffic, your pool will soon be full of swimmers and your grounds will be filled with laughter and play.

As we spring into summer, it’s once again time for checking off a few items on your maintenance list. Here are some general suggestions for summer maintenance tasks that may be useful for your HOA to consider:


Summer is a good time to maintain landscaping to ensure it looks great throughout the season. Consider trimming trees and shrubs, mowing lawns, watering plants and flowers regularly and removing any weeds. Caring for the grass, trees, shrubs and flowers that beautify your neighborhood is such an elegant way to show your appreciation and care for the community. 

Pool Maintenance

If your HOA has a pool, make sure it is properly maintained for the coming season. Clean the pool and surrounding areas, check the pH level, power wash any decks or pool houses and ensure all your safety equipment is up-to-date and functional. The community pool is a great central spot for socializing, excitement and fun, and it should see a lot of summer activity.

Outdoor Light

Ensure all outdoor lighting is in good working order, particularly in areas that see increased foot traffic during summer evenings. A well-lit community is a safe and happy community, and these comparably easy little touches show how much you value your residents and their safety.

Check HVAC Systems

Make sure all air conditioning is in good working order before the summer heat arrives. Regular maintenance can help ensure that units run efficiently and last longer. Remember to change air filters, preferably once a month, to keep the AC going strong in our hot Texas summer. An overworked unit may fail in any number of ways, so it’s important to keep the mechanicals clean throughout the season so that it runs safely and easily.

Deep Exterior Cleaning

Power wash common areas and any common buildings or amenities to remove built-up dust, dirt and grime. Shared space sends powerful signals to your residents about the level of respect and care your community deserves. They will take these signals home with them, so it’s important to maintain a sharp look and keep things in tip-top shape. Take pride in your neighborhood and your residents will carry that pride with them all year long.

Inspect Roofs

Sometimes parts of our properties that we can’t see from the street are neglected, so it’s important to remember to look on top, behind and below every structure. Check roofs for any damage, particularly after severe weather, to prevent leaks and ensure they are in good condition. This should be done after every season, of course, but for a long hot summer you want to make sure your structures are well-insulated, and that means no leaks. 

Check Fire Safety

Dryness and heat combine to make every summer the season for wildfires of all sizes, and the start of the summer is a great time to remember to check your fire safety measures.

Inspect and test all fire safety systems, including smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers, to ensure they are in good working order.

Repaint/Refinish Outdoor Surfaces

There’s nothing better for a quick refresh of the look of a community than a nice coat of paint or varnish. Summer is a good time to repaint or refinish outdoor surfaces that may have been damaged or worn down over time: decks, patios and fences all apply, as well as any other structures that see a lot of use. If your condo has a central mailbox repository, garbage and recycling area or fitness center, see what you can do to make those areas seem brand new again. Chances are it won’t take much to make a real difference, and the more attractive those amenities are, the more use they will get.

Check the Playground

If your HOA has a playground, inspect all equipment to make sure that it’s in good condition and safe for children to use. This necessity is possibly the most important item on the checklist, since it affects the most vulnerable members of the community.

Review Your Budget

Review the HOA’s budget quarterly. In the summer it’s important to ensure there’s adequate funding for summer maintenance and any necessary repairs or upgrades. Develop a long-term plan for replacing 

Count on Goodwin and Company

Regular inspections and cleaning will prevent issues from escalating and becoming more costly to fix in the future. Scheduling routine maintenance tasks, such as pool cleaning, landscaping, and outdoor equipment repairs, can help your HOA stay on top of things and ensure your residents have a safe and enjoyable summer experience.

It is also important to communicate with residents about the HOA’s summer maintenance plans and any updates or changes that may impact their use of community facilities. Keeping residents informed and involved can help foster a sense of community and encourage everyone to work together to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Summer maintenance for your HOA requires careful planning, proactive measures and open communication with your residents. With these items checked off, your HOA will create a comfortable and welcoming environment for all residents to enjoy throughout the summer season. Reach out today and let Goodwin and Company help you manage your community all year round.