Tech Trends and More Your HOA Should Follow in 2020

2020 is going to be a great year for introducing new members to your Community Association. However, everyone knows that sometimes ‘keeping up with the Joneses” is essential for drawing in new members and interest. Make sure that your Board puts its focus on the right aspect of the community to improve, in order to ensure that your neighborhood stands out to 2020 house hunters!

Prepare to Welcome the Millenials

The next wave of homeowners and Association members will inevitably be the Millennial generation. Keep in mind that this generation of members is one that comes with high technological expectations within any association that they join.

Be prepared to meet their needs on a mobile-level and have your processes and paperwork completely digital in order to keep the convenience factor high. Expediency is key for the Millennial generation, and a potential member is likely to walk away from an Association that still relies on filing large packets and delivering physical newsletters. If you know that your Association needs to catch up with the times, hiring a new association management team that is tech-savvy can help get your neighborhood headed in the right direction.

Stay Up-To-Date on HOA Management Software 

Association management can be very adept at helping your Community Association find the right software to assist in day-to-day operations. In the past, property management software was viewed as an extra boost to a community’s amenities. In 2020, this type of software is now the industry standard.

There are several reliable vendors on the market that can keep your association from falling behind in the pack. Management software can help you speed up processes and let your Board focus on being the face of the community.

HOA Management software can help your association with:

  • Online forms and applications
  • Creation of payment portals
  • Communicating to residents via their preferred method (text, facebook, email, etc.)
  • Custom websites
  • Meeting and Social Event notices
  • Ease of access to information

Keep Your Amenities Ambitious

Most associations have a clubhouse, pool, gym, or extensive common areas. Sure, these are still attractive amenities, but they’re what new members have already come to expect. Take some time in 2020 to meet with your fellow association members and association management. Carry out a reserve study to start preparing for making your community even more attractive to buyers.

Consider amping up your gym by adding in new equipment, creating small “pocket parks” for families, or adding in a beach style entry pool if your association doesn’t already have active water features. The possibilities for improvement within your community are endless, so always be on the lookout for how your amenities can get a boost.

Follow the Right Technology Trends with Goodwin & Company

Staying ahead of trends is much easier with the right management association team by your side. Goodwin & Company is a Dallas-based Association management group that can help lighten the load of financial bookkeeping and more so that your community can focus on what really makes it great. Contact us today to find out more about the services we can bring to your neighborhood.