The Guide to Using Social Media to Your Association’s Advantage

A huge part of effective homeowners association management is creating numerous opportunities for your neighbors to come together and get informed. Outside of regularly scheduled Association meetings, social media can be an accessible hub for homeowners to stay on top of community activities.

If your association hasn’t already established itself on social media, here is an in-depth look at the specifics involved with running a successful community social media account.

Make Sure Your Social Media is Compliant

Before starting up a social media account, first, establish a person or group of people who will be responsible for scheduled posting or content management. A member of your association management company can take control of this role and ensure your channels follow all association policies.

Having a social media policy in place will protect your association from some of the downfalls of social media that can lead to neighborly-disputes, privacy violations, and above all, legal problems.

Create Channels Based on the Association’s Goal

After reviewing your social media policies, figure out what the whole goal is for even having a social media presence. Getting a goal in place will be the first step towards creating a content calendar and determining the type of content you will provide to your community.

Are your social media channels meant to:

  • Inform residents about upcoming events?
  • Show images of the community for prospective buyers?
  • Celebrate community gatherings?
  • Declare community emergencies when necessary?

The answers to all these questions will allow your board to decide what types of channels are aligned with your social goals.

For example, Instagram is perfect for displaying vibrant images of your neighborhood and gatherings. While Facebook and Twitter lean more towards the side of quick updates, reviews, and community conversations.

Engage With Your Residents

Even if you’ve selected the perfect channel for your goals, social media is nothing without an audience to engage with. Aside from discussing upcoming events and sharing consensual photos, social media can be engaging by means of:

  • Community polls
  • Promotion of your community newsletter
  • Community contests
  • A “Neighbor of the Month” update
  • Recruitment for community events

What Not to Post

While we’ve focused on what your social media needs for success, there are certain posts that could sabotage your efforts and get your board in legal hot water. A shortlist of things to avoid on your accounts includes:

  • Photos of children or community members posted without consent
  • Confidential board discussions or plans
  • Private information of any community individual
  • Personal political or religious agendas
  • Public resolution of neighborhood disputes

There are other issues to avoid like defaming remarks as an admin, but your management team will be able to help you further navigate the sometimes muddy waters of social media.

Start Your Social Media Off on the Right Foot With Goodwin & Company

The creation of a social media account for your community can be exciting but needs an expert touch to ensure the whole project goes off without a hitch. Goodwin & Company is prepared to be your guiding hand through the social media space as well as other essential areas of your planned community. Contact us today to learn more about our services.