Tips For Successful Social Distancing Within Your Association

Dallas HOA Management Company

As Texas continues to push towards a flatter coronavirus infection curve, more people than before are becoming self-conscious about social distancing measures. At Goodwin & Company, we like to take every necessary step to ensure that our communities are safe and sanitary, especially at this time.

We know that sometimes social distancing can really feel like the challenge that it is. So, here are some simple tips your Board can follow through on in order to make flattening the curve a seamless effort.

Close Off Your Common Areas

If common areas like the rec center and swimming pool are closed for the time being, that’s a great step towards restricting the possibility of risky contact for the virus.

Also, while these facilities are closed off to the public, make an effort to work with some of your essential vendors to deep clean and sanitize your common areas. This way, when it’s back to business, your community can use their amenities with a mitigation of the current risks.

Go Virtual With Board Meetings

Although board meetings and standard HOA meetings may seem important, they are a massive risk factor to those in attendance. There are several ways that your association’s Board can meet and make decisions without unnecessary exposure to the elements.

Many HOA Attorneys are recommending postponing any HOA meetings unless there is pressing business to conduct.  If your HOA wants to push forward with an Association meeting, be sure you are familiar with whichever video or telephonic conferencing service you plan to use so there are no hiccups during the actual meeting.  Also, be sure you follow the specific notice requirements and have all details in line for remote or absentee voting procedures.

Post Notices From the CDC

The coronavirus pandemic situation is a constantly evolving issue, and just one notice to your neighbors won’t help keep them updated. As the CDC begins to implement new cautionary measures or release new information about the virus and its development within our nation, take to the social media channels and post the news.


Right now, most of your neighbors are inside relying on their computers for entertainment. Keep them informed where they’re going to see it! This is the best way to ask your community to exercise caution without having to organize an entire online meeting around the issue.

Encourage Fun In-Home Activities

Just because social distancing is in motion doesn’t mean that your community needs to stop being “social.” There are several ways you and your friends can stay in touch without exposing yourselves to a potential threat. On your community social media page, create a post that discusses some of the ways your neighbors can actually enjoy sheltering in place.

Some of these activities can include:

  • Netflix Party
  • Zoom Happy Hours
  • Make an Online Pen Pal
  • Virtual Exercising
  • Table Top Simulators

Practice Social Distancing for a Brighter Tomorrow with Goodwin & Company

Goodwin & Company hopes that all communities across the nation will take part in the social distancing effort against COVID-19. This is a battle we all fight, and if we do it together, we can all get back to normalcy sooner than later. Stay safe, stay inside, and remember, if you need us, reach out to us and we can find a way to safely help out.