What are the Top 6 Benefits of Living in an HOA

When many people think about living in an HOA, concerns about restrictive covenants and regular dues come to mind. While these features of an association can seem daunting to outsiders, the truth is that they bring a lot of benefits to owners that do invest in HOA-managed properties.

Here’s a look at the top 6 benefits that owners gain when they choose to live within a planned community.

1.  You Earn a True Sense of Community

Simply put, an association makes meeting people and making friends a lot easier. From community meetings to social media pages and regular events, there is always something to look forward to when you’re living in an HOA.

The potential for social interaction increases the sense of community and allows people to form strong relationships that uplift the overall culture of the association.

2.  Your Property Value Remains High

Yes, your HOA is going to have a strict policy about what you can and cannot do to the exterior of your home. Keep in mind, however, that these policies aren’t in place to punish owners.

Your association was created with a specific look in mind, and uniformity is essential for keeping up overall property values in the area. While you may be able to ensure that your home always looks tidy, you can’t guarantee that your neighbors will do the same.

An HOA helps ensure that your neighborhood stays beautiful and that your investment as a homeowner is one that will eventually pay off if you decide to move.

3.  Sometimes, Utilities Are Inclusive

One of the biggest benefits of living in an HOA is the perks that you wouldn’t get from a regular suburb. While many HOAs come with amenities like swimming pools and community centers (more on that later), some communities even take amenities a step further.

You’ll have to ask your association before signing on, but some communities even include utilities like water, gas, and trash collection in your regular dues. While you’re still paying for these services, this benefit definitely helps alleviate some of the stress that comes with keeping track of the bills.

4.  Regulations Mitigate the “Bad Neighbor” Problem

As much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all had that neighbor that just irks us. From overgrown and unkempt lawns to mountains of cars pouring out of their driveways, a “bad neighbor” can really put a damper on how much you love your home.

Fortunately, with regulations involved in an HOA, you’ll have fewer surface issues to worry about with your neighbors and can truly focus on bettering your own property.

5.  Beautiful Amenities

It’s been said that amenities can make an HOA worth living in; and the team at Goodwin & Company is supportive of that statement. HOAs amenities like community centers, swimming pools, and parks, all serve as great places to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Access via an HOA usually provides a safer and more convenient option for families who would otherwise have to leave their neighborhood to experience these amenities.

6.  Goodwinlent Property Management

While this perk doesn’t apply to all associations, HOAs with an excellent association management team will usually have property management services built into their annual or monthly fees.

This means that in some associations, an HOA will hire professional vendors to keep up with all exterior beautification of the neighborhood, including the owner’s front yards. So, when you shop around to live in an association, it’s always a great idea to find out if your dues will buy you some extra time to relax and worry less about the state of your landscaping.

Ensure Your HOA Gains These Benefits with Goodwin & Company

If you know that your HOA could use some help with management, it’s time to look into professional aid from an association management team.

At Goodwin & Company, we help make the “HOA magic” happen for all of the communities we serve. Our services include due collection assistance, online portal management, vendor management, and any other association responsibilities that arise.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and about how your association can become a part of the Goodwin family.