4 Ways That Software Improves Association Management Services

Software Improves Association Management Services

Good community management requires extensive knowledge, specialty in financial organization, expediency, and excellent communication with the Board and community members. Meeting community expectations used to mean endless phone calls, complex spreadsheets, and hours of creating and mailing notices.

A management company that relies on the “old ways” of their business is living in the past. Here are 4 reasons why your association can benefit from partnering with a professional management company that focuses on technology to improve the homeowner experience.

1.  Simple Maintenance and Operations

HOA and condo property management require constant maintenance and operations supervision. From documenting violations to creating processes that ensure maintenance requests are completed to delivering financial reports.

In this day and age, everyone wants to be able to do everything in the palm of their hand.  Several aspects of maintenance and operations can be documented from remote locations on the go. This includes:

  • Creating violations,
  • Processing vendor invoices for payment,
  • Sending community-wide correspondence,
  • Submitting and reviewing ACC projects.

   2. Communication Becomes Even More Efficient

Another key aspect of successful community operations is communication between community members, the management team, and Board members. This is especially true when dealing with big projects like coming up with a community association maintenance plan, or clubhouse spruce up.

Making sure that everyone is up-to-date on important community issues and events is important. A good management company will utilize technology as a way to streamline how communication works within your community.

Most software systems assist with:

  • Making Governing Documents easily accessible
  • Sharing financial reports
  • and making communication of important events or issues instant with email and text notifications.

3. Make Getting Involved with Your Community Simple

Effective use of community management software gives your Association the ability to really foster the welcoming neighborhood feel.  Whether it be quickly notifying owners about community events or building a stand-alone website as a one-stop-shop for association information, your Association can leverage technology as a way to build an involved community.

 4. Your Association Looks More Professional

Although most would say that looks aren’t everything, the visual appeal of professionalism matters a lot to potential community members. By partnering with a professional management company with strong technology offerings, your Association correspondence reaps the benefits and will look clean and professional.

An online system creates a mobile-friendly hub that helps with:

  • Property owner registration,
  • Registration for association events,
  • And access to member directories.

Goodwin Uses Software that Improves Your Community

If your community is still operating in the stone age, it’s time for a change. Look to the future and work with a management team that uses technology to benefit your community. Goodwin & Company is an industry leader that helps communities with:

  • HOA management,
  • Development services,
  • Condo property management, and more!

We use automated software to help make the specifics of community management streamlined for everyone involved. Contact us today to find out more about our services.  We know our team can help make your community all that it can be.