How to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy for Your HOA

Social media can be a key tool to bringing a community together and getting the right information out to your neighborhood. However, perfecting social media isn’t as simple as picking a platform and starting your first post.

In order for social media to be effective and follow legal guidelines for public entities like an association, a social media strategy should be your first step towards implementing social media into your business practices.

Here’s a look into what you and your HOA management team should look into before writing your first set of winning social media posts.

Create a Designated Management Committee

It’s always helpful to have a team of people or one skilled person, dedicated to managing your social media accounts. This helps to prevent any miscommunications, posting snafus, and overall social media disorganization.

Remember, your management committee doesn’t necessarily have to be social media experts, but they should have an upbeat attitude and understand the legalities involved with posting on social media as an association.

If your volunteer social media personnel need some pointers on what they can and cannot post on social media as the HOA, your association management team can help educate and inform.

Use it as a Means of Positive Communication

There’s already enough negative information out there on social media channels. So, make sure that your association’s pages encourage positive communication. This all starts with the type of content that you choose to publish.

Bring your community together outside of standard community updates with fun and catchy posts that promote:

  • The local yard of the month
  • Upcoming social events
  • A “Meet the Board” post for new board members, etc.

Positive communication is rewarded with positive community interaction. The more your community interacts with your social media pages in the correct ways, the closer your association will get towards achieving its goals as an organized, welcoming community.

Avoid Posting Opinions as an Admin

Everyone has an opinion on a subject, and sometimes opinions can clash and create conflict. Conflict is something you always want to avoid on your social media channels. While owners in an HOA are welcome to post opinions on the facts you present, striving to keep your social media as informative and neutral as possible is key to keeping your owners comfortable with your platform.

Never Discuss Formal HOA Business

Formal HOA business like official meeting discussions and individual HOA violations are something that should never be shared on social media.

Formal HOA business typically involves confidential or personal owner information that isn’t appropriate to air out on a public forum like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Keep your social pages fun and informative, while leaving any formal business to official meetings or mailers to your owners.

Make Social Media a Positive Association Tool with Goodwin & Company

If you are ready to start a social media account for your association but need some guidance on crafting a successful strategy, turn to the experts at Goodwin & Company. Our association management team is well-versed in both online and offline HOA management best practices.

We have served communities across the Dallas area since 1991 and are ready to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to find out how to partner up with our team.