Strategies for Recruiting Reliable HOA Volunteers

Your association’s success depends on committee volunteers and exciting events that bring the community together and encourage potential owners to get involved in their community.

However, recruiting new volunteers to give up time during what’s already a busy week can be difficult. Usually, a simple “Join Us!” sign won’t bring in the most ideal candidates for your volunteer needs.

If your HOA management team is looking for eager volunteers to spearhead a community block party or join a new committee, here are some great ways your Board and association management team can recruit reliable volunteers that make a lasting impact on your community.

Make an Effort to Recruit in Person

Even well-crafted social media advertisements for volunteers can be missed or even ignored by community members. Take some time to appeal to your constituents in person at the next community meeting.

Putting a face to your request helps bring your committee’s needs into reality for your busy neighbors. Also, recruiting in person gives you the opportunity to learn more about your neighbors and how their strengths could help any of your volunteer positions benefit your association in the long-term.

Be Specific About What You Need

As we mentioned before, a simple “Join Us!” flier won’t attract the volunteers you need. Get specific with your requests, and qualified community members will eventually begin to respond to your message.

Some ways to get specific with your volunteer advertisements include the following methods:

  • Give people a reason why they should join. What difference can this committee make in the neighborhood?
  • Detail how people can contribute. Do you need volunteers for a specific event? Do you need ideas from specialists in a particular industry for a committee?
  • Be clear about what you expect from a volunteer. How often does the committee meet? How long are the meetings? What time are the meetings?

Be on the Lookout for Disgruntled Community Members

As a HOA Board member, you should always take the time to listen to your community members’ needs; especially their complaints. While it may seem odd to reach out to a disgruntled member for a specific volunteer or committee position, they could actually be your ticket to success.

If your position aligns with something they have an issue with, they could be a driving force of improvement if they care enough about the committee decisions at hand.

However, reach out to your association management team to ensure that their concerns are legitimate and not frivolous requests that could result in tension for any event or committee.

Advocate Your Committee’s Accomplishments

If the committee you need volunteers for is one that has already made its mark on your association, make sure to use this success when recruiting volunteers. Past accomplishments are a great talking point. Also, while you are looking out for essential qualities in your volunteers, they are just as eager to learn what your committee has brought to the community over the years.

Put your success in the limelight and make your committee volunteer positions a coveted opportunity.

Goodwin & Company Helps You Recruit Volunteers That Make a Difference

Make sure that your next committee is full of volunteers that truly care about the future of your association. Although your Board may not have enough time to vet out every volunteer that applies for a position, Goodwin & Company can help relieve most of that weight off of your shoulders.

We are a Dallas association management company that can help your Board make the right decisions in every aspect of your community’s development. Contact us today to learn more about our services!