Simple Ways Your HOA Can Conserve Energy

Your association is all about making the community a better place for its current and future residents. Aside from general tidiness and ensuring that finances are in order for your association, the HOA should also be conscious of the environmental footprint of its neighborhood.

Since spring is right around the corner, now is the best time to discuss how your association management team and Board can join forces to make your association a “greener” place. Here are some quick ways your HOA can conserve energy going into the spring and summer seasons.

Keep Tabs on Laundry Room Use

Some HOAs or condo associations employ a laundry room for community use. Laundering appliances can easily eat away at your energy use. However, there are some ways you can mitigate how large your environmental footprint is while washing clothes.

By posting a sign in the room encouraging tenants to wash full loads and clean lint traps prior to using the dryers, you’ll be taking some great steps towards long-term energy conservation.

Track Swimming Pool Maintenance

Although the community swimming pool is one of the most popular places to be in the spring, it’s definitely an area that uses up a lot of energy during operation and maintenance.

Reduce your energy use at the pool by running your sweepers at night or in the early morning, in order to maximize your energy use.

Post Flyers Around the Association

Your residents may also be interested in how they can conserve energy in their homes. We suggest meeting with your Board and management company to create a news flyer that displays some of the simple ways each home can start saving energy. From energy-saving light bulbs to a proper filter changing schedule, your homeowners will appreciate these tips that will ultimately save them money on their monthly bills.

Perform an Energy Audit

Knowing how much energy your community uses is the key to discovering where you need to start saving. If your board finds itself questioning where energy is being wasted, an energy audit will show you exactly what aspects of your community are the root of your energy issues.

Your association management team can connect you to a company that performs energy audits. That company will then explain to you where you could be saving and how your association can successfully get it done. Not only does this process save you time, but it also saves your neighborhood money. Get your Board straight to the source instead of spending money on a lot of trial and error.

Go Green This Spring With Goodwin & Company

If your association is eager to save money in its annual energy budget, Goodwin & Company is ready to show you the way of the green HOA! We have experience working with vendors that can help you make environmentally-friendly choices and also have a few energy-saving tips under our belts as well. We’re ready to make your association a community Mother Nature would be proud of. Contact us today to learn more about our services.