Spring Cleaning Tips for Your HOA

hoa spring cleaning

Spring is a glorious time of year. After a winter spent indoors and the business of fall and the holidays, spring can be as relaxing and refreshing as it is a time for work, especially cleaning, and preparing for summers. Let’s look at the best ways to approach annual spring cleaning in a way that supports and enlivens your HOA community.

1. Walk the Premises

Get out and have a look at your community, making note of anything that needs upkeep or further review. You can use this time to walk your neighborhood and say hello, if weather permits. Connection with your constituents only gets them more excited to live in your community.

Look at the lawns, backyard fences, street-facing windows and other visual markers of quality to be sure everyone’s property remains in good condition. There’s no need to be abrasive when you’re doing your light inspections, remember: simply ask in a friendly way about any issues that concern you.

2. Top to Bottom

We often forget what we can’t easily see, but that doesn’t make the hidden places any less important. Rooftops are worth checking for damage and missing shingles or tiles at this time, as well as making sure foundations are strong and foundation vents are in good repair. That’s the first step to making sure they are free of wildlife, which you’re also advised to do at this time.

3. Deep Cleaning

Start by creating a community spring cleaning plan to ensure you don’t forget any of those nook and crannies. 

Power-clean and/or refinish all HOA property, like the tennis court or pool deck. Spring is a fine time to make your community as beautiful as you know it can be, and with all these other improvements you’re making, a dingy pool house will really stick out. This is a great time for repainting, especially after a deep clean.

4. Landscaping

While landscaper and gardening visits are mostly scheduled year-round, there is a special excitement to planning out your spring foliage and florals. Make sure you have the correct amounts of supplies for this busiest gardening season like mulch, soil and whatever your landscaper uses for shared spaces.

If you’re too busy to coordinate a Board or community effort to spruce up shared landscaping, meet with your HOA management team to help organize a reliable vendor to come out and ensure your landscaping gets the TLC it needs. We have a few tips on hiring the perfect landscaping vendor

5. Pool Maintenance 

Those days of basking in the sunshine and taking dips or doing laps in the pool will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re prepared by cleaning up the area, checking all filters and traps, and making sure you’re stocked up on supplies, like chlorine, for the pool-using season.

Also, don’t forget to schedule a pre-spring pool inspection and cleaning before the sunbathers begin to congregate at your poolside. There are several ways to get your community pool summer-ready

6. Check Water Systems

Irrigation is key, especially in spring and summer, to maintaining a fresh, clean look. Spring is when the most plants bloom and flower, and you don’t want to miss out on that natural beauty. Check all sprinklers and garden beds for proper watering and make sure any hoses are hole-free.

7. Safety Patrol

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be tested twice yearly. It’s advised to make one of those tests during your spring cleaning, and the other post-summer. 

This is also a reminder to schedule your annual fire inspection and any health inspections that may be necessary. Your gym and any playground equipment should be tested, cleaned and tightened, and those high-traffic areas should be given special cleaning and maintenance attention. 

If there are any speed deterrents in your community make sure they’re in optimal condition, as well as any signage that may have gone missing or is otherwise in need of replacement.

Bring It Home With Goodwin & Company

Spring cleaning, organization and maintenance are an exciting time to prepare for the coming summer and coming year. Think of all the pain you’ll be saving yourself when summer comes around, and relax knowing you and your community are in the best of hands.

Reach out to Goodwin & Company today with all your HOA management questions, no matter how small. Our experts are here to help you with whatever you need.