Create The Ultimate Community Spring Cleaning Plan

Your Community Association should be ready to get over the winter weather and start prepping for the sun of spring. One of the top priorities of the season is spring cleaning. While most of your community members will be focused on their personal living quarters, now is a great time for your Board and association management team to take a look at what can be spruced up for the neighborhood as a whole.

Inspect the Buildings of Your Community

Your community most likely utilizes common areas amenities like a clubhouse or pool. Now is the perfect time to start inspecting all of the buildings that make up the heart and soul of your neighborhood. Call up your vendors and hire inspectors to examine:

  • Building shingles
  • Gutters
  • Potential water damage from winter
  • HVAC system
  • General deterioration of property

Clean Your Sidewalks and More

During spring cleaning, it’s not just the floors that need scrubbing. Hire a professional team to handle the cleaning of your sidewalks, gutters, and other areas where unplanned maintenance may be needed.

Landscape Common Areas

Curb appeal for new community members matters, so show off your green thumb and start landscaping your common areas. Now is the perfect time to plant seasonal foliage that will look beautiful once spring is completely in bloom.

During the winter, shrubs and trees may have grown a little out of control, so scheduling a professional lawn service to trim these landscaping highlights is a great idea.

We also recommend checking your irrigation system after a particularly chilly winter. The last thing your community needs is a broken system after all of the effort for gorgeous landscaping has been made.

Make the Small Repairs Where Necessary

This doesn’t necessarily mean the big repairs (although they are important). Your community buildings could be experiencing issues like bad switches, broken lightbulbs or faulty cooking equipment. Before the big rush comes for facilities to be used, your HOA management should help you understand what the priorities are for repairs during this time of preparation.  

It’s Vent Cleaning Time!

Lint buildup can be a real problem for your community building’s vents. They can even lead to the failure and repair of your HVAC systems. Clear out your vents and take the extra time to replace your filters. While focusing on your ventilation systems, make arrangements for maintenance and have your AC inspected to ensure that it functions properly before the Texas heat completely returns come Summer.

Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze with Goodwin & Company

Your association management team can help your community get in top shape for the spring and summer seasons. Goodwin & Company is prepared to work with your Board and make your association one that shines throughout the entire year. Contact us today to find out more about our services in your area.